Ubuntu 11.10 has been released – Download and see its latest features!

One of the open source operating system, Ubuntu, has just released its latest version. Yes, Ubuntu 11.10 has just released and it appears with various new features. Are you curious about this Ubuntu 11.10 new features?

Ubuntu 11.10 has been released - Download and see its latest features!

1. Ubuntu 11.10 comes with Ubuntu Software Center.

Ubuntu 11.10 comes with Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center made Ubuntu user possible to access thousands of Ubuntu software and applications from one-centered place. Here, user can see top-rated apps, compare application according to rate and review from other users, viewing applications installed in your computer, also synchronizing application among other Ubuntu computers. Based on its concept, Ubuntu Software Center seems similar with iTunes App Store or Software Center concept which would be applied by Windows 8.

2. Ubuntu 11.10 has Launcher

Ubuntu 11.10 has Launcher

The launcher is a kind of shortcut collection located on the left side of your screen. Its function is almost similar with Pin on Microsoft Windows 7, to make you easier in accessing applications and programs you used often.

3. Ubuntu 11.10 comes with “The Dash”

Ubuntu 11.10 comes with “The Dash”

By “the Dash” feature, user can access shortcut and search other application or program quickly. It made user able to access email, music, pictures and other applications fast. Even user can search file directly from “The Dash”. In order to access the Dash, user just have to click on Ubuntu logo located on the left side of launcher.

4. Ubuntu 11.10 comes with Application switching.

Ubuntu 11.10 comes with Application switching

When user opens so many application and windows, user just have to use Alt + Tab and Alt + Grave to shift from one application to other application.

5. Ubuntu 11.10 is available with new design.

Ubuntu 11.10 now has new design which is “prettier” than its previous version. It made Ubuntu 11.10 seems brighter and fresh.

Although it’s available with many advantages, many of Ubuntu users said that Ubuntu 11.10 is slower and less responsive compared with previous version. However, there surely many factors influenced this judgment, started from the ability of computer hardware used, etc.

You can download Ubuntu 11.10 here for free. If you want to try Ubuntu 11.10 without installing it, you can try its online demo here.

After you tried, what do you think about this Ubuntu 11.10?

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