Video/Audio Converter Software with Unique Features for Mac OS

If you’re Mac OS user, now you can get free application to convert FLV video into video or audio. Not like other video and audio converter software, FLV Crunch is able to convert huge video or audio file, and also support with RealTime Media Player file. Besides, this software is also able to change your video amount as you wanted or suits the size existed. You can also change frame rate from video you will convert. Cool, isn’t it? What a software :)

FLV Crunch has simple and easy to be used interface. To convert a video, you’ll just have to drag and drop the video into FLV Crunch software, or you can also click on “Add” menu.

After you finished add a video which you want to be converted, then select video format you wanted by click on dropdown.

Then, you can change the video frame you wanted in “Frames per second” menu. However, if you don’t want it, you can pass it. After you finished setting Frames per second, now you can set Bitrate from video you will convert, but one more time, you can pass it and let it into default options.

If you want to change the video size you will convert, then you can use “Resolution” menu, there are width and height you can set as the device you owed. You can also select Resolution directly from the dropdown menu which provided video type for iPod, iPhone, VGA, Standart and also High.

Video/Audio Converter Software with Unique Features for Mac OS

Last thing, you will select where the location of file output you have converted.

Download FLV Crunch for Mac OS

By these steps, you, Mac user, now able to convert FLV video into any format easy and fast. Besides, you can also freely decide size, resolution, bitrate, also edit video frame you converted.

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