Viewing and Editing photo collection with FastStone Image Viewer

Do you have many photos collection and pictures in your computer? If the photo collection amount disturbed you when finding and seeing the photos, FastStone Image Viewer is the right software for you!

FastStone Image Viewer is a free image software rich of features. Not only make you easier in seeing and exploring all your photos and pictures collection, this FastStone Image Viewer also has many additional features. They are Image Editor, slideshow maker, photo correction, etc.

Viewing and Editing photo collection with FastStone Image Viewer

For you who want to enjoy your photo collection faster and fancier, just download and install FastStone Image Viewer. The steps are easy, just follow this guidance:

1. visit this site to download FastStone Image Viewer:


2. Click on one of the “Download” button

Download FastStone Image Viewer

3. Double click on FastStone Installer

Double Click FastStone Image Viewer Installer

4. Click on Next

Click on Next to install FastStone Image Viewer

5. Click on I Agree

Click on I Agree to install FastStone Image Viewer

6. Click on Install then click on finish if the installation process has done.

Click on Install to install FastStone Image Viewer


What are the main features you could get after installed FastStone Image Viewer?

1. Image Explorer

Image Explorer Feature in FastStone Image Viewer

This picture explorer panel you will meet first time you opened FastStone Image Viewer. This Image explorer make you easier in seeing and finding picture on your computer. With similar user interface with Windows Explorer, you won’t get any trouble in using it.

2. FullScreen Mode

FullScreen Mode Feature in FastStone Image Viewer

When you choose one picture, you can open it in fullscreen mode. In fullscreen mode, you’ll have full control to the picture, started from effects, editing the picture, making slideshow, etc.

3. Image Editor

Image Editor Feature in FastStone Image Viewer

This image editor feature actually has integrated in fullscreen mode. Just right click on picture you select on fullscreen mode, all image editor menu will come out. There are so many choices in this image editor, started from color effects, image special effects, drawing tools, etc.

4. Image Slideshow

Image Slideshow Feature in FastStone Image Viewer

This slideshow image feature is also integrated in your fullscreen mode. This feature has more than 150 transitional effects. Even you can add music with popular format such as MP3, WMA, WAV etc to be played on your slideshow.


My Review about FastStone Image Viewer

This FastStone Image Viewer has complete feature. Although its name is FastStone Image Viewer, but its Image Editor feature is much more prominent and complete compared than other image viewer software.

As a free Image Viewer software, I still haven’t found any weakness of this software!

Final Verdict:
RECOMMENDED! For you who has many photo collection and want to enjoy them easier, please install FastStone Image Viewer. My rating for FastStone Image Viewer is 9 from 10.

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