VLC Media Player updated to Version 1.1.10 for Security Reasons!

If you’re using VLC as your media player, I suggest you to update your VLC Media Player to version 1.1.10. It’s because there are several security issues found on previous version and they have been fixed in this latest version. It’s more than 2 month after VLC updated to version 1.1.9 and VLC team was found several new security issues that has completely fixed.

The most important problem that found on previous VLC media player is integer overflow vulnerability in the XSPF playlist file parser. If could lets third party malicious to crash the player instance and could execute arbitrary code within the context of VLC media player. This problem has completely fixed on VLC Media Player 1.1.10.

VLC Media Player updated to Version 1.1.10 for Security Reasons!

There’re other several bugs fixes and feature improvement on VLC Media Player 1.1.10 like:

1. Rewrite of the pulseaudio audio output module.
2. Update of libmodplug for security reasons both in Windows and mac versions.
3. Removal of the font cache rebuilding on the freetype module on windows.
4. Numerous interface updates and fixes on VLC for Mac OS X.
5. 3rd party libraries updates.
6. Many miscellaneous fixes in decoders, demuxers and subtitles.
7. Several language translations updates.

To avoid security issues, you should to update your VLC Media Player to VLC Media Player 1.1.10. You can download VLC Media Player 1.1.10 from this link below:



Keep your VLC Media Player up to date will help you to keep your computer more secure. I hope this information helpful for you.

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  1. Noen says:

    VLC 1.1.10 does not work with many MPEG files. If you are try to play mpeg files vlc crashes but the previus version runs and the windows media player too. I think this is a very big bug.

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