Warning: Antivirus Is Not Enough!

Many computer users thought that having powerful and ‘wild’ antivirus software which always up to date is enough to secure computer. SOT wants to say: It’s not true! Yup… Not just virus or malware which is able to threat your computer’s security. But also various bug and security crack in software you’ve installed.

Most of computer security broken not because of virus but by bug and vulnerabilities software. That’s why various software developers routinely updating their software. In addition of adding various features, they often fixed bug and patched security crack in their software.

Back again to early problem… Antivirus is not enough! You need to make sure that software installed in your computer have been up to date and secure.

But how?

You can use Secunia Personal Software Inspector software! Secunia PSI is a free software which is able to detect security crack in each software you have. If Secunia found a bug or security crack, this software will update it automatically with security update needed. Secunia will also make sure software installed inyour computer is the latest version today. By that way, your computer will be far more secure.

Secunia PSI is a software which shall be had by all computer users. You can combine it with your flagship antivirus. Collaboration between your mainstay antivirus and Secunia PSI can guarantee your computer in optimum security condition

This Secunia Personal Software Inspector can be downloaded for free here:

Secunia PSI Download Link


Secunia PSI Homepage


After you download and install it, just run this Secunia PSI. when it is run for the first time, the loading will be a bit long because Secunia will automatically detect all software installed in your computer. Windows update will also monitor by Secunia to assure your operating system in secure condition.

Warning: Antivirus is not Enough!

Warning: Antivirus is not Enough!

Warning: Antivirus is not Enough!

This software is truly recommended to be installed in each computer you have. You just have to make sure that your computer is connected with internet, because without internet connection, this software would be useless. Besides, you have to be patient when update process is held, especially when the process is run for the first time. Scanning process and update would run in quite long time.

If you don’t want to update the software automatically with secunia, you still be able to do it manually. The clear thing is, antivirus won’t be enough. You have to make sure that software installed in your computer also in up to date version.

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