Warning: Mozilla Firefox 5 Final Officially Released! What’s New?

Finally, after two month waiting for the released, Now Mozilla officially released Mozilla Firefox 5 Final in their official website! Mozilla has released its beta version several times before and I’ve also posted the leaked download link yesterday. Now you can download Mozilla Firefox 5 Final from official Mozilla homepage below:



Or simply open this link below to select any available language you want:


Warning: Mozilla Firefox 5 Final Officially Released! What's New?

The officially released of Mozilla Firefox 5 Final of course make a lot of people curious about what’s the new features on it. Mozilla claimed that there are more than 1000 improvements and performance enhancements. And these are the new top features of Mozilla Firefox 5 Final:

1. Mozilla Firefox 5 Final using less memory resource, you can browsing web page faster.

2. It has CSS animation support that make easier for developer to build more dynamic websites.

3. Firefox 5 Final has better support for JavaScript, Canvas, memory and networking performance.

4. Firefox 5 updated its support for MathML, HTML5, XHR, SMIL and canvas.

5. Mozilla Firefox 5 “Do Not Track” header preference has been moved to increase discoverability.

6. It tuned HTTP idle connection logic for increased performance.

7. Mozilla Firefox 5 spell checking for some locales has been improved.

8. It’s desktop environtment integration has been improved especially for Linux Users.

9. Firefox 5 Background tabs have setTimeout and setInterval clamped to 1000ms to improve performance.

10. Fixed several stability issues and security issues.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Firefox in a few short months. Ussually, there will several new updates and enhancements after they released Firefox Final Version.

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