Webroot System Analyzer: Be doctor for your own PC or Laptop

Do you have problem in your PC system, but you’re difficult to search it manually? Don’t be confuse anymore if your PC system has trouble, because now there’s already a doctor who can fix it. Webroot System Analyzer is a portable software which regularly will search and fix problems in your PC.

You’d probably feel annoyed when your PC system suddenly run so slow. Perhaps it because of malware in your PC? Or troubled hardware? If you want to find it out, then you’ll need time to search it.

Here Webroot System Analyzer can be doctor to find out what’s wrong with your PC. In this software, there’s no menu, toolbar, complex options or setting you can use, so it’s quite easy to use this software. You’d just have to download it, then run and select Begin Analysis to start scanning process.

Webroot System Analyzer: Be doctor for your own PC or Laptop


Download Webroot System Analyzer



This Webroot System Analyzer will scan your drive, and you have to make sure there’s a free space, there’s not too much fragmentation, you don’t have too many file in your disk, and others. Then in one or two minutes, this software will display report about your PC system trouble.

Webroot System Analyzer: Be doctor for your own PC or Laptop

This program will check the latest crash and will display an announcement: “a system crash has occurred in the last month which could indicate failing hardware”. It will also remind you about broken device, lose Windows security patches, password which has not been updated, and still many more.

And if you want to, you can watch in detail by selecting “View Full Report” option and its detail information will be displayed by using Notepad, which involved information about basic system (CPU, GPU, detail or DIMM etc), detail of installed software, Windows services, driver etc.

For beginner, you’d probably confuse by this software, because there’s no explanation about where all those detected files located. But if you’re already an expert, this Webroot System Analyzer will surely help you in finding and fixing problem happened in your PC fast and easy.

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