WeFi: Software to Detect Best-Quality WiFi Signal

To enjoy Internet connection in public, basically WiFi became a choice, since its wireless connection surely possible for wider range and surely more efficient compared than LAN cable connection.

It’s a common fact that you sometimes got difficult to connect a WiFi Signal since the signal is weak and various other reason.

That’s why you don’t need to check on your WiFi signal first and try it one by one, which one would be the best signal if you use this software.

WeFi: Software to Detect Best-Quality WiFi Signal

The software called WeFi is made and designed to help you finding, connecting, and enjoying WiFi signal everywhere all over the world’s part.

The application is equipped by many connection mode, one of them is connecting it automatically for all Wi-Fi signal which has fulfilled the requirements and categorized as owing a good and stable signal to be used.

Besides, this software also provides an Instant-Messaging tool (premium feature) which made you possible to create your friends list and viewing their position when connecting and also feature to include WiFi into your favorite list.

WeFi: Software to Detect Best-Quality WiFi Signal

WeFi: Software to Detect Best-Quality WiFi Signal

WeFi: Software to Detect Best-Quality WiFi Signal

And one of the main and best feature of this application is, you as user would be approved to identify a hotspot and add it into WeFi database, which aimed to help other user to easily identify a public Wi-Fi hotspot which already identified before and have a good signal strength to be used.

One more important WeFi feature is Wi-Fi Maps feature (premium feature), where through this feature, you can also find easily which spot have Wi-Fi service in your region or other places when you’re using WiFi signal and run this software.

More good news, in addition of can be used in desktop computer with Windows and Mac operating system, this software also support and available for mobile device which used Android platform, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Download for free WeFi for desktop computer, Android, and Symbian cell phone via link below:

Homepage : http://www.wefi.com

Download WeFi : http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Other-Internet-Related/WeFi.shtml

WeFi for Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wefi.wefi

WeFi for Symbian OS : http://store.ovi.com/content/7834

For you who already download and use this software in your beloved device, don’t forget to share your experience via this comment column below, OK..

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