WordWeb: Finding English Word Meaning Extra-Fast

Are you an English practitioner or even English literature students who often need thesaurus to check a word meaning? I often use Google for this work. But now, there’s a faster way, which is using WordWeb!

This is a practical application. Show it up from system tray only need one keyboard shortcut, then you’ll just have to type on a word you want to look for the meaning. Not only word, WordWeb can only check general phrase used, even checked from online source. For this time, sources supported only Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and WordWeb online.

You can download WordWeb from: http://wordweb.info/free/

In installation procedure, you’ll be asked to select your English basis. Whether International, American, Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or Africa. Just for information, these regions sometimes have different meaning for the same word. WordWeb will also offer you to install add-ons so that WordWeb would be faster in searching word from internet. It surely counted for you who have stable and fixed internet connection.

WordWeb: Finding English Word Meaning Extra-Fast

When I tried it, WordWeb is quite fast in presenting meaning of a word. Even WordWeb also able to understand certain popular phrase. An ability which is rarely found in dictionary program which commonly only uses word as reference. WordWeb also has facility, which is, when you’re reading web article or certain document, you just have to press Ctrl + right click on certain word, then WordWeb would automatically come out from system tray with definition, reference, synonym, antonym, and many more.

WordWeb: Finding English Word Meaning Extra-Fast

WordWeb: Finding English Word Meaning Extra-Fast

If you want to compare a word meaning, you can check the word meaning in Wikipedia, Wiktionary, or WordWeb Online.

WordWeb: Finding English Word Meaning Extra-Fast

There’s a uniqueness in its license. Requirement in the license said, if you did flight more than twice a year (yes, I’m serious! Flight with plane), then you need to uninstall this application after 30 days trial period or upgrade to Pro version. I wonder how WordWeb checked this fact. But, at least if you’re rare to do flight, so you don’t have to worry using this application.

I really suggest English practitioner to use this program, for example students or professional who often deal with English document. This application will help you with practical way. So, don’t forget to share this article to your friends who are English practitioners!

If you often write in English, you can equip WordWeb with After the Deadline: A free tool to check on your grammar, spelling and styling of your English writing.

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