Working More Focused by Pomodoro Technique and Pomodoro App

Whoever working in front of computer, moreover when the computer connected with internet, once surely felt how difficult to be focused. Am I right? SOT often felt this kind of trouble too. The early purpose was creating a review article, but the temptation of Facebook, Yahoo News, Email, Chatting, etc is so strong. Started to write for 5 minutes, there is an FB notification, back to write 10 minutes, there’s an incoming chat. It happened again and again until SOT lost in the digital world.

Luckily, finally SOT found a method named Pomodoro technique. Have you heard about it?

Pomodoro is a technique which split huge work into some small cycles. One small cycle is then named as 1 Pomodoro, where all Pomodoro contained 25 minutes working time and 5 minutes rest. Long rest (15 minutes) would be given each time finishing 4 Pomodoros.

For example, SOT will write one article with time estimating one hour. Then by Pomodoro technique, SOT will divide it into two Pomodoros. By the support of Pomodoro timer software, SOT will finish the first Pomodoro, which is 25 minutes writing continued with 5 minutes total rest. After that, SOT will continue the second Pomodoro until the article work finished.

The good news is, this Pomodoro technique worked well for SOT. SOT becomes more focus and faster in finishing each review article. The result: SOT can be more productive than before.

One of the Pomodoro timer software which is so great in implementing Pomodoro technique is Pomodoro App. You can download Pomodoro App here:


Download Pomodoro App


After installing Pomodoro App, you can put your work list that day, then you can manage how many Pomodoro you needed by double click on tomato logo on the right side of task.

Working More Focused by Pomodoro Technique and Pomodoro App

After you’re ready to spend your first Pomodoro, just click on tomato logo on the left side until it is shown red color, then click on Start Selected Task.

Working More Focused by Pomodoro Technique and Pomodoro App

A timer will run when you click on Play. The Timer automatically managed as Pomodoro rule, which is 25 minutes working plus 5 minutes rest per one Pomodoro. And there will be long rest (15 minutes) every 4 pomodoro. Each time the phase’s ended, there would be an alarm ringing to alert us.

Working More Focused by Pomodoro Technique and Pomodoro App

Remember… Focus when working… and focus to rest in a rest time.

When the task finished, just tick to sign the task has been done. Sometimes, a work can be finished faster or slower than our estimation. If your work has not finished yet after your pomodoro amount is run out, just continue until your task over. There you will find out the estimation of your pomodoro amount for each task to be used tomorrow.

Working More Focused by Pomodoro Technique and Pomodoro App


However, not all works can be productive by using this Pomodoro technique. This technique is really suitable for student who working on homework, undergraduate student who working on thesis, people who work in front of computer, and a type of that.

How about that? Is this Pomodoro technique able to improve your focus and productivity? Share your experience in SOT comment column :)

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