Wrong to Close Application or Folder? Use UndoClose to Re-Open it!

Have you made a mistake when did something? Just like when you opened so many Windows in your Windows 7, whereas actually you want to close word window, but in fact you close the window of an application you need it. It surely drove you mad. If you use Windows 7 standard, then there is no choice to return the window you’ve closed accidentally.

It’s not like Mozilla, which you have to press Ctrl+Shift+T so the tab you accidentally closed would be re-open. It’s so easy. So, what if you want to share again the window you close accidentally? SOT will share information about software which is able to answer your request.

Wrong to Close Application or Folder? Use UndoClose to Re-Open it!

UndoClose is a software you can use to re-open folder or application which you accidentally closed. The first step you should do if you want to use this software is, downloading UndoClose software first from:

UndoClose versi 1.1

After you downloaded this software, the next step would be extracting, then double click on UndoClose.exe. Then automatically, this UndoClose will run on your PC background. If you want to do setting, just right click on UndoClose icon in tray icons and select settings. If you want to find out the last folder you’ve closed, you just have to press Control+Shift+F buttons and select Control+Shift+A button if you want to find out the last application you’ve closed. After you press one of the button options, there would be a folder or last application you’ve closed appeared and if you want to open it again, just click on folder or application you wanted.

Wrong to Close Application or Folder? Use UndoClose to Re-Open it!

You can also set what you want to change. For example, if in first hotkeys, it’s written Control+Shift+F to find out the last closed-folder, you can change it by select Change options. Then you’ll just have to exchange button in keyboard you wanted. It’s quite easy using this software, isn’t it? So, you don’t have to worry if you’re wrong when closing this software? You don’t’ have to worry anymore if you wrong closing application or folders.

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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