You Don’t Have to Use Telescope or Binoculars to See Realistic Skies in Real Time!

Have you ever wonder to see planets, stars, and other things without telescope or binoculars? If so, you should to try this software: Stellarium! Stellarium is a software that renders realistic skies in real time with openGL. It shows a realistic sky in 3D in your computer. Stellarium also often used in many planetarium projectors. It’s really like you have your own planetarium on your computer. It’s cool, right?

You Don’t Have to Use Telescope or Binoculars to See Realistic Skies in Real Time!

Stellarium is an open source and it’s available for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows OS. You can download the latest Stellarium installer from their official page below:


download the latest Stellarium installer

When I published this post, the latest version of Stellarium is Stellarium 0.11.0 which has more than 600,000 default stars catalogue and more than 210 million extra stars. It has asterism and illustrations of the constellations for 12 different cultures. Stellarium also provide you with realistic nebulae, milky way, atmosphere, sunrise and sunset. You can even see the planets and their satellites.

Stellarium give you a full control such as time control, telescope control, all graphical interface and extensive keyboard control, spheric mirror projection for your own low-cost dome, fisheye projection for planetarium domes, powerful zoom and multilingual interface.

For you who want to customize the look of your Stellarium, you can also customize it easily with plugin system. You can add your own deep sky objects, landscapes, constellation images, scripts, and even you can add new solar system object from online resource. Stellarium is one of the best virtual planetarium software ever!

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