Your Media Player Can’t Play a Video? Install Vista Codec Package!

If you a windows NT/2000/2003/XP or windows 7 user and have experienced can’t play some video files using your media players, you can solved it by installing Vista Codec Package on your computer. With this free Vista Codec Package your media player will be able to play more video formats.

Your Media Player Can't Play a Video? Install Vista Codec Package!

We know today there are more and more video format exist. Sometime after we download a big size video from internet which is complete in very loooong time, then when we play it on our media player and guess what..there’s nothing happen..the video can’t be played!! It sucks right??

That’s what the Vista Codec Package for, to increase the capability of media players on our computer and make it possible to play more and more current video formats.

There are so many free codec package you can download and install. I even has posted and review K-Lite Codec Pack on my previous post. But Vista Codec Package offer some extra features such as:

1. Suitable for you a new computer user because Vista Codec Package doesn’t need a lot settings and configurations. You just need to download and install it. Everything will configured automatically.

2. It doesn’t need additional media player. After Vista Codec Package installed, your current media player will automatically configured and could play more video formats.

3. Vista Codec Package also support several video streaming formats and it working great with all popular browsers.

For you who like to download video from the internet and watch it on your computer, installing Vista Codec Package is the right choice for you to be able play all videos with various formats smoothly. Vista Codec Package can be downloaded via this link:


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