Contre Jour Game Now Can Be Played for Free via Browser!

Do you know Contre Jour game? If you don’t, Contre Jour is a game which is similar with Cut the Rope, but it’s better and more glossy, also softer.

Contre Jour Game Now Can Be Played for Free via Browser!

Because of its excitement, Apple reward this game as Game of the Year in more than 10 countries whether in Europe or Asian.

Now you can play this Contre Jour game for free via browser. Ho ho ho.. what an exciting news!

It’s all because of cooperation between Microsoft and Contre Jour developer to take this game into HTML 5 era. It’s proven, by HTML 5 and javascript..Contre Jour can be played in browser smoothly.

Just watch this Contre Jour trailer:


Behind the scene of Contre Jour version HTML 5 game making also interesting to be found out:


You can play Contre Jour version HTML 5 here:

PS: make sure you use the latest version browser which is supported HTML 5.


Unfortunately, there are only two chapters you can play using computer browser. Started from chapter 3, it needs multitouch device. And guess, for now, browser which totally support multitouch is Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8.

The conclusion, Contre Jour version HTML 5 can be finished only if you played it in Microsoft Surface Tablet. :D

Nice move from Microsoft…


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