DC Universe Online Will Be Free To Play Game

Along this time, to play DC Universe Online game, you should pay some money. However, not for long, Sony Online, the developer of this MMORPG game would give this game for free! You don’t have to pay again to play this game, or free to play! This free to play system will begin on November. However, if you’re willing to pay certain money amount, you’ll get some interesting features. Here are features level you’ll get started from free to paid:

DC Universe Online Will Be Free To Play Game

Free: New player or free level player only has access to DC Universe Online. You can also explore Gotham City and Metropolis. They also provide two slot characters for you. Player who used this free system can buy downloadable game packs and its latest update including additional slot character, power, and microtransactions (item mall)

Premium: All players spent at least US$5 will get more features compared with free level player. Player could also get more benefit such as slot character addition, slot inventory, and higher cash limits. Premium player can also buy downloadable adventure packs, additional new slot character, and still many more.

Legendary: All features on the game is provided for this legendary game. To enjoy it, you should pay US$14.99 per month and all downloadable packs would be free. You can also have more than 15 slot characters, inventory, and other advantages.

DC Universe Online is a MMORPG game developed by Sony Online. This game took the name of DC Comics. In this game, you can play DC’s famous character, such as Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, and The Flash.


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