DragonSphere: Awesome Classic Game You Can Get for Free!

A classic game with awesome adventure genre can be downloaded and played for free. Game with classical kingdom genre, full with magical element is an awesome game with high rating in all review done by its user.

DragonSphere: Awesome Classic Game You Can Get for Free!

The game named DragonSphere is about you as King of Callahach who has just crowned. Previously, your father was King who had protect the world from Cruel Devil Sanwe by trapped him. Unfortunately, the trap spell got weaker.

In other side, Sanwe evil power got stronger and soon took over the land defended by your father for long. As King and your father’s successor, you got to stop it.
Now, by the support of strange creature name Slathans, Brynn-Fann and soptus ecliptus, you got to find Sanwe and defeat him before he took over the land long protected.

In finding Sanwe and defend the land, you’ll find some deadly monsters who ready to fight and kill you. You got to finish every battle and solve all puzzle. If you won, you’d get award and pride since you succeed in defending ancestor land which had protected by your father for years.

Have you ready to defend the ancestor land? If you did… Go download this DragonSphere game for free by these steps:

1. Visit this site below:



2. Click on “Download Now” button

Click on "Download Now" button

3. Fill your data and click on “Create Account” button

Fill your data and click on "Create Account" button

4. After you logged in, open this web page again:


5. Click on “Download Now” again.

Click on "Download Now" again

6. Click on “My Account Page” button

Click on "My Account Page" button

7. click on Dragonsphere’s cover image and select the download link you want.

click on Dragonsphere's cover image and select the download link you want

8. Dragonsphere ready to install and ready to play.

If you paid attention, in my account page, there are four others free game beside DragonSphere, they are Beneath a Steel Sky, Teen Agent, Lure of the Temptress also Tyrian 2000. If you interesting, you can download and play it for free too.

Dragonsphere ready to install and ready to play

Honestly, I haven’t tried all free game, including DragonSphere, since basically I don’t like game lately. But from review I found from the users, commonly they said that this DragonSphere is awesome and attractive. Almost all of them gave rating 4-5 stars for DragonSphere. So for gamer, I hope information to get DragonSphere game for free would be useful for you:)

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