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After DragonSphere and Treasure Adventure, now GOG once again shared their exciting games for free, which is Worlds of Ultima : The Savage Empire and Ultima : Worlds of Adventure 2. Yes… Both game made by EA (Electronic Arts) now can be obtained for free!

Before SOT gives you way to obtain it, it would be good to explain first the detail of each game.


Worlds of Ultima : The Savage Empire


Here you played role as avatar sent by Moonstone to the Eodon’s world which is wild and primitive. There you should unite the native tribes to face the threat of Giant ant called Myrmidex. When you run this mission, you’ll be accompanied by Professor Rafkin, Reporter Jimmy Malone and exotic Queen Aiela.


Ultima : Worlds of Adventure 2


In 1983, space cannon named Astronom Percival Lowell is ready to launch bullet space ship to Mars. Some famous historians also sent to Mars via the bullet space ship. In fact, they are not ready to face the hard life in Mars, and only has small chance to survive. Finally, you, the Avatar, should save them. Into the new world, full of mystery, through time travel and fantasy!


How to get those both Ultima games for free:

1. Make sure you’ve login in GOG.


2. Visit this promo page:

Worlds of Ultima : The Savage Empire

Ultima : Worlds of Adventure 2

3. Click on add to my account in each game.


4. Page contained happy news (successful order) would be displayed.



5. both games are already exist in your GOG account.


Now, there’s another one your game collection in GOG.. Don’t forget to visit SpyOnTech regularly so that you won’t miss cool and attractive freebie information :D

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