How to Download Treasure Adventure Game for Free and Legal

Treasure Adventure is an exciting game made with high passion. It can be seen from its colorful 2D graphic, soft gameplay, also the amount of area you can explore. This game intentionally designed simple, make it able to be played in minimum specification of computer. However, minimalist graphic game doesn’t reduce the excitement of Treasure Adventure game. Even this game is mentioned as Best Indie Adventure Game of 2011!


This Game told about a child who land in an island, where the island actually is a fraction of a continent which was damaged when there was a war between Demon and sorcerer.

You’ll play as the Youngman, to adventure, walk through many regions and sea to get what you should look for. Here you’ll become a child in huge area.

Equipment you had is only a hat, parrot, boat which would be appeared when you meet sea. There are many area, map, secret, danger and victory to be conquered.

Just watch this Treasure Adventure game.

Do you want to play it soon??

Patience..! Here I’ll show you how to get the game for free and legal:

1. Open the main page of GOG and register yourself

GOG page

2. After registered, please login to your account. Then visit Treasure Adventure’s page.

Page Treasure Adventure

Clik “Add to My Account”


3. Treasure Adventure Game has been received. Now click on “Open My Account Page” and download Treasure Adventure game you’ve just received.



Now you can directly play the Treasure Island game and take adventure to finish all the mission prepared.

This Treasure Island game is developed for two years by Robit Studio, make it into Best Indie Adventure Game of 2011.

For you who curious about the excitement playing Best Indie Adventure Game, hurry up, download and play this Treasure Island game!

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