Over 3000 Paid Games Will Available for Free at GamesGate!

GamesGate, one of digital distribution service for games will launch FreeGames program that lets you to play paid games with no cost! FreeGame program will launch on mid june 2011 with more than 3000 game titles available to download.

While you join this program, you can play up to 5 games for free and you can add additional games anytime. There are more than 3000 game titles you could choose and play for free.

Over 3000 Paid Games Will Available for Free at GamesGate

But free of charge doesn’t mean it’s free of ads. You have to watch a short advertisement first before you play the games. It will show advertisement each you launch the game.

I think this program is worth to try since you could use this FreeGame program to try new games before you buy or any purposes. To enjoy FreeGame program from GamesGate, simply join their newsletter to get information updates when its release on this Mid June 2011. To get updates on FreeGame program release, simply follow these steps below:

1. Visit Gamersgate FreeGame webpage below:



2. Fill your email on the provided forms then open an email from GamersGate.

Fill your email on the provided forms then open an email from GamersGate

You would get email notification when it’s released on this mid june 2011.
They also released a video to promote this program. But unfortunately after I saw their promotional video, it looks like a crappy video IMHO. There are some misspelled words like “Complete” with “Compelete” etc. Just watch the video below guys:

I hope their services is seriously better than their promotional video. I will try this program once it’s released and I will tell my experience while using free games from GamesGate soon.


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