Slender: Test Your Guts by Playing this Horror Game!

First of all, SOT wants to open first the secret about Slender Man figure, a figure which becomes “ghost” in this game SOT shared today. Slender Man is a mythical figure with flat face without any form, tall and have longer arms than us. He often located under the tree or in other hidden place to lurk on the playing children.

Slender: Test Your Guts by Playing this Horror Game!

For you who dubbed yourself as brave gamer, it seems like your guts needed to be tested first using this Slender game. In this game, you’ll be in a scene which in a glance it is similar with a forest. The condition is dark of the night and you just bring an old flash light… which sometimes off on the way.

Your task is collecting 8 message sheets about slender man written on the paper and spread in the middle of forest. Ehm… Prepare your mental too when in the middle of your searching you meet this slender man figure in all of sudden.

Here is the slender game live action in real world:

Although Slender Man is not a mythical creature from Indonesia, but it will make your heart beat faster (Yeah… SOT sure this game would be scarier for Indonesian people if Slender Man is exchanged with ‘pocong’ (jumping dead body) or ‘kuntilanak’ (female ghost). To get the horror feel, SOT suggested you to play it in the night, alone, wearing headset. If you want more extreme sensation, you can turn your room light off.

Get impatient to play it? Download Slender Game for free here:


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  • Mchip8

    slender?! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED *5 mins later* *locks and barricades entire house*

  • Free

    Slender 1 Me 0

  • shawn

    sledy just wants our sweet asses

    • PdudE

      All Slenderman wanted was 20 bucks,

  • LanaNeymaar

    3/8PAGES.. cant more -.-

  • Tickle

    I wanna tickle a girl


    IM GOING FOR ALL OF YOU!!!! ;.'[P,L43Y413Y

  • SnikNej

    i got 6/8 and im 11

  • GAjishdlabfkjbd v

    ;_; Hi slender… Why are you in my house….?

  • Cristakll

    OH please if slender man was real he would bang my head on the …’viopnsrp;iosp;itgptikgnbptikrgjkhvgtrljhbvngli

    • Cristakll

      hi i am the real slender die you mother fuckers. now im stalking you for reading this, >:)

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