Spelunky World : Get Your Treasure, as many as you can!

One day when I feel bored to work for a long time in front of my computer, I try to find light game which can throw my boring away. Finally I found a fun game and erase my boring. The game was Spelunky World!

Spelunky World : Get Your Treasure, as many as you can!

Spelunky World is a game which you role as mine digger, and you should find treasures as many as you can from colossal cave far underground.

The cave contained so many treasure, but also there are huge dangerous laid. Your purpose as player is to get treasure as many as you can from the cave.

You shall use sense, reflexes, and all items you have to survive and go deeper to the cave. In the final part of the depth, you may find what you looking for so long, Wealthy treasure!

This game is awesome and it can erase your boring and tiring when you working in front of your computer. Yeah, at least that’s what I felt when played this Spelunky World game for a while. My mind became fresh again, and I can do my work better. For you who have interest to download and play this Spelunky World game, you can get it here:



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