Who Else Wants to Play Team Fortress 2 Free For Lifetime??

Two days ago, I’ve just posted a tutorial how to play Team Fortress 2 with no cost for a week. But guess what I’ve found today..Now you’re not only could play it for a week but for a lifetime with no any cost!

Who Else Wants to Play Team Fortress 2 Free For Lifetime??

Now Team Fortress 2 is free forever. You can play it as long as you like and as much as you want. But free doesn’t means it has no limit. Here is the restriction of free account compared with premium account:

You can enjoy this game by simply visit Team Fortress 2 homepage here:



Click on "Install Game" button

Click on “Install Game” button

When you have free account and make any purchase on Mann Co. Store, you’ll automatically get a premium account. No matter with it’s restriction, playing Team Fortress 2 for free forever is one of a great deal for TF2 lovers. Enjoy it!

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