Get Handy Backup Standard 6.9 to Backup Your Windows! (Hurry – 2 Hours Only)

Today I found a short giveaway of Handy Backup Standard 6.9. You can get this $39 software for free during the Epic Giveaway time (11 am to 11 pm EDT, may 12th) only. For you who read this post immediately after I published this post, you’re a lucky person :)

Get Handy Backup Standard 6.9 to Backup Your Windows! [Hurry - 2 Hours Only]

Handy Backup Standard 6.9 is such a backup software to help you backup your windows computer easily. It’s provide you with several backup features such as:

1. It can handle to backup anything on your computer such as files, folders, media files, images, documents, email, skype, yahoo messenger, photoshop, other software, and even backup websites using FTP access!

2. It support various backup storage media such as HDD, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, FTP, network drives, external drives (USB, flash backup, Firewire etc). It also integrated with remote backup service through

3. Built in with management and control functions such as backup verification after burning to optical disk, run as windows service, email notification, backup with timestamps, backup of missed task, etc.

4. It is easy to use..not only easy to backup, but also easy to restore. You can schedule restore time, select restoration of individual task, etc.

5. It support data synchronization with FTP servers and one/two direction folder synchronization.

Okay I don’t have enough time to explain you more about Handy Backup Standard 6.9 because you have to hurry. It’s giveaway only available about 2 hours from now. Get Handy Backup Standard 6.9 for free by following this steps below:

1. Login to your facebook account

2. Visit this facebook fans page:


3. Click on “Like” button

Click on "Like" button

4. Click Handy Backup Image to download Handy Backup Installer.

Click Handy Backup Image to download Handy Backup Installer

5. Install handybackup_setup.msi

6. After you install Handy Backup Standard 6.9, it still appear as 30 days trial version, but in the next few days you’ll get your full version license via your facebook message.

Note: Facebook message containing license and serial number will only received for those who click the “Like” button on giveaway period (11 am – 11 pm, 12th may 2011)

Okay, Good luck for you and I hope you’re not too late to get Handy Backup Standard 6.9 worth $39 for free. Hurry up guys! :)

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