Get the Upgrade of any Norton product to Version 2012 for Free!

For you who have valid Norton product license, such as Norton Internet Security, you have chance to upgrade to the latest version for free. Through Norton Update Center, Norton offers free update for all Norton product to 2012

Get the Upgrade of any Norton product to Version 2012 for Free!

As Norton Internet Security 2011 user with valid license, I’ve tried and succeed to upgrade into Norton Internet Security 2012 for free.
Norton products which you can upgrade for free are:

1. Norton 360
2. Norton 360 Netbook Edition
3. Norton 360 Premier
4. Norton 360 Netbook Edition Premier
5. Norton AntiVirus
6. Norton AntiVirus Classic
7. Norton AntiVirus Gaming Edition
8. Norton Internet Security
9. Norton Internet Security Premier
10. Norton Internet Security Netbook Edition
12. Norton SystemWorks Basic Edition
13. Norton SystemWorks Standard Edition
14. Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition

Just visit Norton Update Center and click on “Update Me Now” button to start updating Norton product you have.


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