Backup your computer with Ocster Backup Pro 6

Have you ever got problem where your computer error after installing certain program? Or your computer error after you changed certain settings? In fact all your important data and file inside it and no longer could be accessed!! This kind of events I’ve experienced many times. Moreover when I tried to make a software which I wanted to share on spyontech… sometimes some software made my computer error and made almost all my work delayed! If you ever had the same experience, now you don’t have to worry, since this time, spyontech will share tips to get Ocster Backup Pro 6 software valued $39.90 for free!! Are you interesting? Just continue reading..

Backup your computer with Ocster Backup Pro 6

Ocster Backup Pro 6 is a software which you can use to backup your computer in real time, fast and accurate. Compared with the previous version, Ocster Backup Pro 6 has backup speed 600% faster. With Ocster Backup Pro 6, whenever you felt your computer is broken, error, or its condition worse than before, just restore and your computer will be fresh as usual.

Ocster Backup Pro 6 has new great features such as fast and realtime backup ability, online backup, local backup, outlook backup, network backup also ability in pausing your backup process whenever you wanted too.

Features you’ll get after you installed this Ocster Backup Pro 6 are:

1. 1:1 copy, easy way to copy your file to media you wanted.
2. Backup bookmark site on Internet explorer
3. Backup bookmark site, setting and addon on mozilla firefox
4. Backup email, calendar, setting and addon on Mozilla thunder birds
5. Backup all Windows contact
6. Many option and choice in filtering backup.
7. Run automatically.
8. Easy to choice restore point you wanted.
9. pause backup feature, you can activate it when you want full performance of your computer.
10.Backup email and calendar on microsoft outlook
11.Fitur stop and resume backup
12.detailed report backup feature and updated automatically
13.backup report feature through email in realtime can backup file and folder in network computer
15. backup result is encrypted and you can protect it through password
16. Advance backup compression feature, which is compression of backup result to make it small size and less cost in space
17.schedule feature or scheduled backup
18.You can choose to store your backup result in media you wanted
(hardisk,USB flashdisk,network drive, or Ocster Secure Storage)
19.Smart backup, backup automatically computer part you’ve changed, it would cost less space and fasten your backup process. Backup will be more effective and efficient.
20.File and folder backup are still able to be accessed.
21.It’s able to backup all kind of files such as encrypted file, compressed files etc
22.Your backup result would be encrypted and protected by password.
23.Your backup result would be compressed to make it less space usage
24.Small file optimization to backup your whole data file, whether in large size or small size.

Ocster Backup Pro 6 normally sold with 39.90 Euro price. But by this way, you can get Ocster Backup Pro 6 license for free and legal.

To download Ocster Backup Pro 6 full version for free, please follow these steps:

1. Remember, this trick could be expired anytime. So, download as fast as you can before you late.
2. Click on this link:


3. Fill in your name and email, then click on “Get Ocster Backup Pro 6 Unlock Code” button

Fill in your name and email, then click on “Get Ocster Backup Pro 6 Unlock Code” button

4. Click on confirm link on your email to get its license code

Click on confirm link on your email to get its license code

Ocster Backup Pro 6 license code

5. Download Ocster Backup Pro 6 here:

6. Install Ocster Backup Pro 6 and run its software
7. Click on “Buy Now” button and put the license code you’ve got

Enjoy Ocster Backup Pro 6 full version for free and legal!. Now your computer error problem wouldn’t frustrate you anymore. I hope it would be benefit for you

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