Capture Anything on Your Screen with Solid Capture (Giveaway)

For me, screen capture software is one of the most important software I should to install. It used to take screenshot of step by step tutorial for this blog and other purposes. That’s why I posted and review screen capture software frequently. Today I’m going to share how to get Solid Capture which normally sold for $29.95.

I just found this giveaway page few minutes ago and after I look at Solid Capture features, it’s worth to try. Solid Capture is screen capture software which could help you to take any screenshot from any area of your desktop easily.

Capture Anything on Your Screen with Solid Capture

Solid Capture has powerful features which make me very interested to use this software, such as:

1. Rectangle capture to capture any rectangle area on your desktop. It has two options, rectangle and rectangle with frame. Rectangle with frame allow you to capture area inside resizeable frame. Its similiar with cropping features on image editor software.

2. Window capture that support scrolling windows.

3. Capture entire computer screen which support multiple monitors.

4. Color capture to know the color codes on your desktop area. It useful when you edit image using image editor software.

5. Text Capture! Actually, this is the most features which make me very interested to use Solid Capture. This tools could you to take screenshot and any text on those screenshots will automatically extracted to clipboard then you can paste the text. This is similiar with the function of OCR software.

6. Solid Capture built in with Window Ruler.

Normally, Solid Capture sold for $29.95, but as a giveaway from its developer, SolidDocuments, you could get it for free and legal as a giveaway. Follow these steps below to get Solid Capture unlock code:

1. Visit this web page

2. Fill Forms and Click on “Register” button

Fill forms and Click on "Register" button

3. Log in to your email and open an email from It contain Solid Capture download link and Solid Capture Unlock Code.

Solid Capture download link and Solid Capture Unlock Code

4. Download Solid Capture from the links given and activate it using unlock code.

Activate Solid Capture

Insert Solid Capture Unlock Code

5. Solid Capture successfully registered

Solid Capture Activated

Unfortunately, after I install Solid Capture and activated it using this giveaway unlock code, I don’t find Text capture feature. Copy Text and Edit Text features also inactive. Maybe it’s locked on this giveaway version. The other features working perfectly except Text capture, copy text and edit text features.

Without text capture, copy text and edit text features, there is nothing special on Solid Capture software. It has the same based features with other screen capture software such as PicPick and Desktop Hunter. I prefer to use PicPick than others because PicPick has already built in with Image Editor. You can edit image like add an arrow, text, etc directly after you capture the screenshot. PicPick still unreplaceable for me.

Chris Febian is the founder of He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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