Clean Junk Files on Your Computer using Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 5.93!(Giveaway)

These last few days there’re several Cleaning Utility that given away by it’s developer. Yesterday I’ve posted Platinum Guard giveaway that can help you to recover disk space and protect your privacy data. Today there is cleaning utility which has similiar features and advantages given away for free. It is Wise Disk Cleaner Pro v5.93 which normally sold for $19.95.

Like another cleaning utility, Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 5.93 could increase your disk space and improves system performance by deleting unused files on your system such as temporary files, browser history and other junk files. It also has Disk Scrubber features which let’s you to permanently wipe deleted files so it couldn’t be recover by recovery software.

Clean Junk Files on Your Computer using Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 5.93

Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 5.93 also built in with file recovery features that could recover deleted file from NTFS file system. This could be an alternative solution for you who are too late to get iCare Data Recovery Software giveaway.

Normally Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 5.93 sold at $19.95 in price, but using this method below you could get it as a giveaway:

1. Visit Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 5.93 giveaway page:


2. Fill in the form with your full name and email then click on Submit button.

Fill in the form then click on Submit button

3. Now it will automatically download Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 5.93 preactivated installer. If it’s not downloaded automatically, simply download from this link below:

4. Double click WDCProFull.exe to install Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 5.93. It is a preactivated installer that will automatically activated without any serial number needed.

With Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 5.93, now you could get better data privacy protection, more disk space available and also faster computer system. If you’re too late to get this giveaway, you could download CCleaner. It is a free cleaning utility which has powerful features. Have a try!

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