Cracking PDF File Protection and Password with PDF Decrypter Pro

File PDF protected often! Ebook, document, etc couldn’t be copied, printed, edited, even they were protected with password. It limited us. But you don’t have to worry since by PDF Decrypter Pro, you could crack the file security and protection fast and easily. Cracking PDF password and erasing all its protection is the main feature of this PDF Decrypter Pro.

Decrypt Protected PDF Files with PDF Decrypter Pro

Decrypt Protected PDF Files with PDF Decrypter Pro

Decrypted PDF File which its protection also had been removed could be opened in any PDF viewer (eg: acrobat reader). After decrypted, PDF file which previously had password, couldn’t be printed, edited, or copied, now could be opened easily without any limitation of its security.


Features of PDF Decrypter Pro are:

1. Could be used in Computer with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, windows vista and windows 7.

2. able to crack security setting instantly in PDF file encrypted. All PDF file protection like uncopied, unprinted, unedited or password protection could be removed in fast and easy way.

3. supporting all pdf format, including pdf 1.8 format

4. supporting 40-bit RC4 decryption, 128-bit RC4 decryption, AES decryption, compressed files and unencrypted metadata.

5. to decrypt PDF file, just drag and drop the PDF file. Very easy and fast.
How to get PDF Decrypter Pro?

Normally, PDF Decrypter Pro sold $29.95 per one license. But I will show you how to get PDF Decrypter Pro for free and legal as a giveaway. This trick only occurred before March 31st 2011. So, if you demand it, just download as fast as you can.

1. visit this site:


2. Copy PDF Decrypter Pro serial number on notepad.

Copy PDF Decrypter Pro Full Version License

3. Click on “Download Full Version Now” to download PDF Decrypter Pro installer.

Download PDF Decrypter Pro

4. Double click on installer PDF Decrypter Pro.

Double Click PDF Decrypter Pro Installer

5. Click on “Next”

Click Next to Install PDF Decrypter Pro

6. Select “I Accept the agreement” option and click on “next”

Select I Accept and Click Next to Install PDF Decrypter Pro

7. Click on “Next” several times and click on “Install”

Click Next to Install PDF Decrypter Pro

Click Install to Install PDF Decrypter Pro

8. Click on “Finish”

Click Finish to Install PDF Decrypter Pro

9. Click on “Enter Code” , Insert your PDF Decrypter Pro serial number and then click on “register.”

Click Enter Code and Insert PDF Decrypter Pro Serial Number

Insert PDF Decrypter Pro Serial Number and Register

10. PDF Decrypter Pro has activated successfully, click on “OK”

PDF Decrypter Pro has Activated Successfully


How to crack PDF file protection using PDF Decrypter Pro?

To crack PDF file protection file like ebook and document which protected by password, couldn’t be copied, edited, printed, etc.. it’s very simple, just follow the next steps:

1. Here is one example of my PDF document file which was protected so that the contain couldn’t be copied. You could see in the figure that after I blocked the contain and I did right-click on mouse button, there’s no “copy” menu appeared.

Copy Protected PDF Files

2. to crack it, just close the PDF, and drag the file into PDF Decrypter Pro. And PDF Decrypter Pro would automatically remove the protection.

3. Click on the right mouse button and select “View Target File” to open PDF file which has been free from protection

View Decrypted PDF file

4. You could see in the figure that after the file decrypted by PDF Decrypter Pro, the contain of the PDF document could be copied.

PDF File successfully decrypted

It’s very easy, isn’t it?? Just by dragging and dropping, your PDF document which previously protected, now could be accessed without any limitation by the protection.


My Review about PDF Decrypter Pro:

Sometimes when using to crack PDF file protection which protected by password, the result is imperfect and the decrypted file is only contain blank page. Here I conclude that PDF Decrypter Pro is not good enough when using to crack PDF with password protection.

very easy to use, just drag and drop, then in seconds, your protected PDF file could be cracked its protection. Very perfect when using to crack PDF file protection which couldn’t be copied, edited, and printed

Final Verdict:
This Software is good enough to collect. download and install quickly before March 31st 2011.

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