Create PDF Files with novaPDF Lite Desktop (Limited Giveaway)

If you looking for PDF Creator software, there are several software you could use. Previously, I’ve reviewed few of them and share their giveaway such as Sonic PDF Creator and Foxtab PDF Converter. If you’re too late to get their giveaway, today you can get NovaPDF Lite Desktop as your PDF creator software. It’s $19.95 worth normally, but using this method below you could get it as a giveaway without need to pay anything!

Create PDF Files with novaPDF Lite Desktop

To get NovaPDF Lite Desktop, simply follow these steps below:

1. Visit NovaPDF Lite Desktop giveaway page from this link below:


2. Simply fill the forms with your valid data then click on “Send” button.

Simply fill the forms with your valid data then click on "Send" button

3. Login to your email and open an email from novaPDF. You will get your registration name and registration key.

Your registration name and registration key

4. Download novaPDF Lite Desktop from this link below:

5. Install and then activate novaPDF Lite Desktop using registration details you’ve received.

6. To activate novaPDF Lite Desktop, simply go to start -> settings -> Printers and faxes. In printers and faxes window, right click “novaPDF Lite v7.4” and select “printing preferences”. Go to “about” tab and click on “Register” button. Copy and paste your registration details on the provided forms.

I don’t know when this giveaway would be expired, but thanks to dottech (Ashraf) for this promo.

novaPDF Lite Desktop work great on windows 2000, XP, 2003 server, vista, and also windows 7. It support both of 32bit and 64bit computer.

These are the features of novaPDF Lite Desktop:

1. novaPDF Lite Desktop could be used to create PDF files from any printable document such as doc, xls, ppt, pub, docx, xlsx, pptx, pubx, html,txt and any other printable files.

2. novaPDF Lite Desktop can merge PDF files.

3. novaPDF Lite Desktop can embed font to ensure portability.

4. Built in with auto save PDF features.

5. novaPDF Lite Desktop can export and import PDF profiles.

6. novaPDF Lite Desktop can reduce PDF file size.

7. novaPDF Lite Desktop supports international character sets such as Latin, Cyrillic, and all Asian character sets.

novaPDF Lite Desktop is recommended PDF creator software. It’s powerful, easy to use, and it’s FREE least for now. So grab it now before this giveaway is over.

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