Download 3D Photoshop Bridge Valued $199 for free and Legal

If we don’t include Photoshop, design software can be said as less-salt-vegetable, less delicious ^^. That’s why, as completion for 3D animation software from DAZ 3D (valued $829.85!) which has been shared previously, I want to add another software, which is Daz 3D Photoshop Bride. Normally, this software is sold $199, but you can get it for free before the next April 30th 2012.


What is 3D Photoshop Bridge?

3D Photoshop Bridge is a DAZ Studio Pro plugin which is designed to connect Photoshop with 3D Studio Pro. 3D Photoshop Bridge makes you possible to render your 3 dimensional design through photoshop, opening 3D scenes in Photoshop layer form, running DAZ Studio from Photoshop, exporting file .u3d to Photoshop, also export and import 3D map directly in Photoshop.


What are benefits using 3D Photoshop Bridge?

By completing DAZ Studio Pro with 3D Photoshop Bridge, you’ll be able to maximize your creativity, saving cost for photo shoot or stock imagery, saving time because render time become faster, also you can use the advanced of Photoshop program to make you easier creating 3D design in DAZ Studio Pro.

3D Photoshop Bridge needs DAZ Studio Pro and Photoshop, so, make sure both software have been installed in your computer before installing 3D Photoshop Bridge. To get 3D Photoshop Bridge, the steps generally almost the same as getting 3D animation package from DAZ 3D which has been posted often before. The different thing is only its product link. Here is a product link of 3D Photoshop Bridge which could be got for free to the next April 30th 2012.

3D Photoshop Bridge Promotion page


For you who love 3 Dimensional design, don’t be late download it. Since it’s still free until the end of April 2012. ^^

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