Editing Photo Faster and Easier Using Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 3

For you who want to edit photo fast and easy, one of the proper software to be used is Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 3. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 3 gave you features which used often to fix and optimize the quality of picture and the photo.

Editing Photo Faster and Easier Using Ashampoo Optimizer 3

We often have advanced photo editor software with various complex feature, but actually we only need a bit of the feature to improve better quality of our photo. Even often the complex feature confused us and took longer time to optimize our photo and picture. One of the solution is by using Ashampoo Optimizer 3 which provided special feature to optimize the most needed feature and picture optimization. Ashampoo Optimizer 3 didn’t try to replace other photo editor software with complete and complex features, but offer you feature for you who wanted to optimize your photo and picture in fast and easy way.

Here are some features from Ashampoo Optimizer 3:

1. Instant Optimize
By this feature you will only need to choose photo and click on “Optimize”. So, automatically your previous photo which could be blur and less good, would automatically brighter and better than before. Output result of this menu is a clear, attractive and natural photo. By this feature, you can optimize more than one photo, even many photos at once!

2. Red eye correction
Cleaning red eye in photo using Ashampoo Optimizer 3 is so easy. Just choose the red eye area you wanted to fix and Ashampoo Optimizer 3 would automatically fix it for you. Fast and easy.

3. Rotate, Brightness, Contrast and effects.
Ashampoo Optimizer 3 is equipped with basic tools such as rotate, brightness, contrast and various instant effect you can use, such as sephia, black and white, etc.

4. Automatic Backup, you can ‘undo’, anytime you want
When you applied an effect or edit your photo part, Ashampoo Optimizer 3 automatically back up all its process, so you can ‘undo’ the process anytime you want to. When you feel the effect less good, just undo and exchange it with other effect.

5. It has image viewer which already integrated with Windows Explorer.
Ashampoo Optimizer 3 made special for you who want to optimize and fix your digital photo quality in simple, easy, and fast way, but with qualified result.

Normally, this Ashampoo Optimizer 3 sold $9.99. But, by these steps, you can get it for free and legal in giveaway form:

1. Insert your email in one of the giveaway link of Ashampoo Optimizer 3 and click on send:

Giveaway Page 1



Giveaway Page 2


Giveaway Page 3


Insert your email and click on Send button

2. After that, download Ashampoo Optimizer 3 here:


3. Install and activate Ashampoo Optimizer 3 with license you’ve got from your email.

Note : for you who have already registered as Ashampoo member, after doing step 1, please insert your password and login into your Ashampoo account. Click on “My License Keys” and Ashampoo Optimizer 3 license would be there.

By using this Ashampoo Optimizer 3 now you can fix your photo which previously less optimal easy and fast without mastering complicated photo editing technique first. Have a nice try. :)

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