Erase your data securely with Data Shredder 2.5 Pro!

Don’t you know that there are some cases about personal data spread caused by unsafe data erasing process? Even there were often happened important data stealing from computer also caused by unsafe data erasing process! Just imagine, actually, data you’ve erased in your computer were never truly erased. What had erased just path to the data, but the file actually still existed. With various recovery file software such as iolo Search and recover, Recuva, iCare Format Recovery, Wondershare Office Recovery etc, data you’ve erased could be easily returned!

Erase your data securely with Data Shredder 2.5 Pro!

This is the cause when sometimes we sold our computer, hard disk, handphone and memory, sometimes our data could be opened and accessed by someone else although we’ve erased it! Since it’s so easy to return erased data, even formatted.

One solution you can use to avoid access on your erased data is by using file shredder software. There are so many good shredder file software, one of them is Data Shredder 2.5 Pro.

Data Shredder 2.5 Pro is a software you can use to erase data you wanted permanently, without any trace, and couldn’t be returned with recovery file software! You can use Data Shredder 2.5 Pro to erase data in your hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash disk, memory cards etc.

Here are the main features of Data Shredder 2.5 Pro:

Erase your data securely with Data Shredder 2.5 Pro!

1. Erasing data securely and passed military security level from German military and US Army standard.
2. Erasing data you wanted permanently without any trace and it couldn’t be recovery again.
3. You can use it to erase your data in hard drive, solid state drive, memory stick, USB stick, flash drive, CompactFlash, Secure Digital (SD) card, memory card, MMC, xD, MicroDrive, and other storage media.
4. Giving detail info about log after you did data erasing process.
5. Integrated with ProtectStar Secure Deletion Algorithm technology which is able to protect data securely
6. You can use it to erase not-needed trash files, such as recycle bin in windows, cache internet, cookies, temporary system folder, etc.
7. You can use it for cut and paste file, also secure your folder.
8. Integrated with Windows Explorer Menu
9. It can erase partition securely through offline mode without get through boot medium.
10. You can use it for file system FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.
12. Supporting various connectivity such as IDE/ATA, SCSI, USB, SATA, SAS, RAID also FirewireFirewire.

With high security standard which passed military safety test, so erasing data using Data Shredder 2.5 Pro is very recommended, moreover if the data you’ve erased is important data you didn’t want to be spread or found out by other people.

Normally, Data Shredder 2.5 Pro is sold $39.90 per license. But PCADVISOR has given giveaway license, so you can use Data Shredder 2.5 Pro for free!

How to download and get Data Shredder 2.5 Pro for free? Follow this guidance:

1. Download Data Shredder 2.5 Pro here:


2. Install and activate it with giveaway license from PCADVISOR here:


Activate Data Shredder 2.5 Pro

Data Shredder 2.5 Pro successfully activated

3. Congratulations, you can enjoy Data Shredder 2.5 Pro valued $39.90 for free!

There is still unknown when will this giveaway over. For you who want to erase your data securely, I suggest you to download and install this Data Shredder 2.5 Pro.

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