Fight Back Keylogger Attack with Zemana Antilogger! (Giveaway)

For you who often doing transactions using internet, whether it is online banking, shopping online, or other activities which need you to give your important personal data, I think you need to install Zemana Antilogger on your computer. Why? it’s because hackers could steal your data anytime using various attack menthods. They could be stealing using malware, keylogger, spyware or other dangerous threats. If you don’t have antilogger security installed on your computer yet, just watch your back!

Fight Back Keylogger Attack with Zemana Antilogger!

Zemana Antilogger is an additional software for your antivirus and antispyware software. It’s not design to replace them. It design to detect serious threats that other security product might be miss. It’s know how malware or any dangerous threats works and shut them down before they steal your personal data.

Zemana Antilogger protect you from banker trojans, keylogger activity, malware and threats which could steal your personal data.

It works differently with other antivirus and antimalware. Zemana Antilogger needn’t to download latest virus signatures, needn’t to know or detect malware’s signature, needn’t to wait updates from a virus lab, and it’s needn’t to scan files. It just understand how banker trojans, malware, and other dangerous threat actually works based on their suspicious activity and shut them down before they stealing something.

Zemana Antilogger provide you with several features:

1. SSL Logger Protection
2. Webcam Logger Protection
3. Key Logger Protection
4. Clipboard Logger Protection
5. Screen Logger Protection
6. System Defense to protect all sensitive areas on your computer

Normally, Zemana Antilogger sold for $9.99 for its 1 year license. But using this method below, you could get it for free as a giveaway:

1. Visit this page below:


2. Fill in the forms with your personal data (First name, last name and email). Actually, the Page is in Germany language, I’ve translate it to english and take it’s screenshot to make you easier

Zemana Antilogger Giveaway page in English

3. Click on “Senden” button

Click on "Senden" Button

4. Login to your email and open an email from

5. Click the confirmation link.

Click the confirmation link

6. You have successfuly registered to get Zemana Antilogger license key, You will get the key on your email within 1  hour.

Zemana Antilogger License

7. Download Zemana Antilogger Installer from this link below:

8. Install Zemana Antilogger and activate using the key you’ve received

Please note that Zemana antilogger only focus on “logger” activity and “stealing” activity. I suggest you not to use Zemana Antilogger alone to handle your computer security. Use it as additional security software of any antivirus you have.

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