Flip Boom Doodle: Surprised your friends with Funny Video you made yourself!

Who said creating picture or funny cartoon video is difficult? Okay… It’s quite difficult if you did that manually. However, by the support of Flip Boom Doodle software, you can create picture or funny cartoon video fast and easy.

Flip Boom Doodle is a software you can use to create cartoon picture and animate it into a funny video. All can be done fast and instantly.


The example of cartoon animation can be made using Flip Boom Doodle can be seen here:


Funny and attractive, aren’t they? You can also create cartoon animation by yourself. Even you can give it a plot and turn it into a cartoon movie.

Flip Boom Doodle for Windows and Mac OS normally sold for $29. quite expensive, isn’t it?

But in this article, SOT will give you tips so that you can get Flip Boom Doodle license for free and legal. This tips use giveaway event given by ToonBoom, developer of Flip Boom Doodle.

Feel free to follow manuals which has been prepared by SOT here:

1. Visit this page:


2. Fill in data needed, then click on submit.


3. Check on email you’ve registered. Flip Boom Doodle license with its download link will be sent to the email.


4. Download Flip Boom Doodle installer and activate it using license you’ve received.



Flip Boom Doodle can be used to create funny cartoon video in certain moments. For example, you create a funny video to surprise your friends who had birthday or make your girlfriend touched by funny video you’ve given in your memorable day, first time you said you loved her.

Any image or cartoon animation you wanted can be made using this Flip Boom Doodle. As usual, Flip Boom Doodle license won’t be forever free. This chance is very limited. So, let’s apply it before too late! ^^

Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

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