Get 3 Month Avira Premium Security Suite Full Version License for Free!

For you fans of Avira Antivirus, there is a good news for you. You can get 3 month Avira Premium Security Suite full version license for free! Normally, Avira Premium Security Suite sold for 39.95 euro or about US $60. Are you interested to get Avira Premium Security Suite for free?

Get 3 Month Avira Premium Security Suite Full Version License for Free!

If you often browse and surfing internet, doing online transaction such as shopping online or just access your bank account, chat, social networking, or share a computer with your family or partner, then Avira Premium Security Suite is suitable for you as your main computer antivirus.

And if you are a parent, you can use Avira Premium Security Suite to take the benefit of its parental control feature. It can restrict and protect your children from inappropriate content from internet when using your computer.

Avira Premium Security Suite has several features such as:

Avira Detection Engine

1. Avira scanner to detect virus, worm and trojan.
2. Avira AntiAd/spyware to protect your computer from spyware and adware.
3. Avira AntiSpam to protect you from spam email and other dangerous email such as phising email etc.
4. Avira AntiPhising to protect you from visiting phising sites that ussually steal your identity.
5. Avira AntiRootkit to protect you from hidden malware.
6. Avira AntiBot to stop hacker when trying to take over your computer.

Avira Prevention Engine

1. Avira Guard to protect you from virus, trojan and worm in real time.
2. Avira ProActiv to detect unknown viruses based on their behaviour.
3. Avira AheAdTechnology to stop unknown malicious codes on your computer.
4. Avira WebGuard to protect you from dangerous potential sites.
5. Avira AntiDrive-by to stop downloaded malware when you’re surf the internet.
6. Avira MailGuard to scan incoming and outgoing email.
7. Avira firewall to protect you from hacker.

Avira Repair Engine
1. Avira QuickRemoval to delete and eliminate viruses with one click only.
2. Avira GenericRepair to fix your infected computer.
3. Avira RescueSystem to help you run and restart your computer in emergency situation.

Beside those features above, Avira Premium Security Suite also has other extra features such as:

1. Avira ExpressInstallation that make installation progress running fast. No need a lot of setting!
2. Avira Netbook Support make Avira Premium Security Suite can be run normally on low memory and low resolution netbook.
3. Avira BackupSystem make your data such as photos or documents safe from dangerous virus, malware etc.
4. Avira Support will answer every question you ask about avira, viruses and your computer security.
5. Avira GameMode will make you feel safe without interupted by Avira Premium Security Suite. GameMode will be very useful when you activate it when playing a game, watching TV or wathing movie.
6. Avira ParentalControl can help parents restrict and protect their children from inappropriate content on internet.

Very Interesting right? Normally Avira Premium Security Suite sold for 39.95 Euro or about US $60. But with this method below you can get 3 month Avira Premium Security Suite license for free! For you who interested with this Avira Premium Security Suite, simply follow these steps below:

1. Visit this web page:


2. Fill the required data in the provided forms and then click on “Request License Now” button.

Fill the required data in the provided forms

3. A confirmation page will be opened. Click on “License Overview” to know the detail about your Avira Premium Security Suite license.

lick on "License Overview"

Avira Premium Security Suite license Detail

4. log in to your email and open email from Avira. You will find an attachment license key (HBEDV.KEY). Download that key.

Download Avira Premium Security Suite License Key

5. Download Avira Premium Security Suite Installer here:

6. Select link that not required internet connection when installing Avira Premium Security Suite to make the installation process run more smoothly.

Download Avira Premium Security Suite Installer

7. Install Avira Premium Security Suite and use HBEDV.KEY you’ve downloaded before to activate your Avira Premium Security Suite.

Install and Activate Avira Premium Security Suite

By using Avira Premium Security Suite, your computer will be safer from virus, malware, spam, spyware, adware, phising and other malicious codes attack. I don’t know when this giveaway will ended. But for you who are interested to use Avira Premium Security Suite, I recommend you to get 3 month license of Avira Premium Security Suite before this giveaway ended. I hope this information is worth for you :)

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