Get 50 Licenses for Sticky Password Pro

One of the best ways to make the online account more secure is by creating a unique password for each account we have. However, remembering all those username and passwords is a kind of painful. Luckily, there is password manager software such as KeePass Password Safe (free) and Sticky Password Pro (paid).

Get 50 Licenses for Sticky Password Pro

Sticky Password Pro is a paid password manager and password organizer software that normally priced at $29.99. This software securely helps you to save your passwords. When you visit a login page of any website, it will automatically type the saved username and password for the website. Filling registration forms also would be easier because it has one click form filling feature.

Sticky Password Pro can protect you from phishing and key logging attempts. The Pro version allows you to save as many passwords as you want. It works for all popular browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. For you who are interested with Sticky Password Pro, Softpedia has announced a giveaway contest. They give away 50 licenses of Sticky Password Pro for 50 lucky commenter. Comment on their Sticky Password Pro giveaway page and get a chance of winning 1 license of this software.

However, there are a few weaknesses of Sticky Password Pro. It sometimes crashed when performing an auto login feature. It also usually needs several days to be compatible with the latest updated version of browsers.

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5 Responses

  1. Nenad says:

    This is one of the programs i always wanted to get but somehow it faded out of my radar. Have been using its trial once and i am impressed with its possibilities, Very useful program.
    Great giveaway!

  2. Hank says:

    I think you should try LastPass. It’s a fabulous software, and moreover, it’s free!

    • Natasha says:

      Thanks for your advice, Hank. I have checked LastPass and it’s such a great password manager software. I have told Chris to review this software and publish it at next spyontech post. :)


  3. Maestro says:

    Good program. Useful in times when you need to remember so many passwords, logins … Count me please. Thanks.

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