Get Ad-Aware Personal Security License Valued $15

Special for you who haven’t had any security software in your computer, today SOT will share license of one premium security software, which is Ad-Aware Personal Security. Normally, this software is sold $15, but in this article, you can get the free and legal license!

As Security software, surely Ad-Aware Personal Security has various sophisticated features to secure your computer. Some of its mainstay features you can enjoy are:

  • Antivirus & Antspyware
  • Shop & Bank online protection
  • Download protection
  • Automatic thread update
  • Safe social networks
  • Malware sandbox emulator
  • Pin point scanning
  • Real-time protection
  • Game mode

If you haven’t had security software in your computer, you can use this Ad-Aware Personal Security which normally sold for $15.

How to get Ad-Aware Personal Security license for free and legal

Actually SOT got this license from giveaway held here:

There you have to play jackpot until you got Ad-Aware Personal Security license. Since SOT has played it and received the license, then you don’t have to play it anymore. Here is the details of Ad-Aware Personal Security license from that giveaway:

Software Name: Ad-Aware Personal Security

Download Link:

Legal license (giveaway) : SGN5N-TXDTR-NN9Q9-5T8MZ-J8N4V


Now, what you’ve got to do is, installing first this Ad-Aware Personal Security software. Don’t forget, when there’s a request to install toolbar, just untick it, since the toolbar is not important.



After installation process has been done, your computer will restart automatically. After that, there will be activation popup of Ad-Aware Personal Security displayed. Just insert license above to the form provided. Ad-Aware Personal Security will be activated directly.


Unfortunately, there are some crucial features which are inactivated in Ad-Aware Personal Security, such as: email protection, external storage scan, safe networking, and advanced firewall.


Basic features such as Antivirus & Antispyware also Shop & Bank Safely Online still could be enjoyed in this Ad-Aware Personal Security.

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