Get AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro v5.0 for Free and Legal!

AOMEI one of the most prominent software company, now shared license for one of their mainstay application, which is AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro v5.0 for free and legal.

What are the benefits of this program?

From the previous version, AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro version 4 has these features:

Basic partition features:

  • Creating partition.
  • Formatting partition.
  • Erasing partition.
  • Using drive letter.
  • Eliminating drive letter.
  • Hiding partition.
  • Reappearing partition.
  • Sign an active partition.
  • Changing partition volume label.
  • Checking file system integrity.
  • Checking disk bad sector.
  • Erasing data permanently.
  • Converting file system.
  • Erasing system disk.
  • Advanced Partitioning.
  • Resizing system partition without disturbing performance.
  • Changing partition size to optimize disk space management.
  • Removing partition from one location to other.
  • Combining partition into one big partition.
  • Splitting partition into two or more.
  • Combining unallocated space to the available partition.
  • Allocating free room from one partition to other partition to use storage effectively.
  • Creating partition as you expected although there’s no unallocated space.
  • Changing primary partition into logical partition and vice versa.
  • Adding partition to add more capacity.
  • Shrinking partition to release more empty space.
  • Redistributing empty space to create new partition.
  • Using partition wizard which would be able to support you step by step.
  • Do re-partition without losing any data.
  • Cleaning hard drive and erasing partition.
  • Copy disk: make you possible to transfer data and application from one disk to another.
  • Copy partition: makes you possible to do backup or cloning partition to new partition.

For you who previously once used AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro, and want to compare it, here is new features from AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro v5.0:

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro v5.0

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is given for free by AOMEI for test until May 28th 2012. As gratitude, they will give anyone who tested AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional v5.0, a free license.

This application is quite small, its installer only has 2.9 Giga, but it’s quite useful to design partition for your hard disk in PC or laptop. AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional can be run well in Windows 2000 up.

To get it for free, you just have to do these steps:

1. Download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant “Preview” Edition v5.0. in:

After installation process, open it, and you’ll see small box on the right side below:

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro v5.0

2. Click on submit to send your email address to open browser. You’ll be brought to the page to be asked about your email type.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro v5.0

After registering, you’ll get email said to you that they will send your license as soon as they published version 5.0

By this application, you can rearrange your hard disk structure. It will surely be helpful than re-installing your operating system.

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