Get Cyberlink PhotoDirector 2011 Worth $99.95 With No Cost!

For anyone who passionate about photography, I’m sure you need a photo editor software. Even there are several free photo editor software out there..there is no one doubt if paid software mostly has better features and quality. Cyberlink, who known as PowerDVD developer, now develop PhotoDirector 2011 which will be sold at $99.95 on it’s official final release. Now it’s currently on a beta version and Cyberlink offer a chance for you to get PhotoDirector 2011 license with no cost!

PhotoDirector 2011 is a software that let’s you manage, optimize, and share your photography easily. It has dynamic adjustment tools to enhance spesific area of photos. You can select any area of your photos and enchance with amazing adjustment brushes, white balance, tone, and other tools to bring out the spectacular color of your image.

Get Cyberlink PhotoDirector 2011 Worth $99.95 With No Cost

PhotoDirector 2011 built in with intuitive workflow which designed to make import, manage, enchance, to final output run smoothly. PhotoDirector 2011 support RAW files from Canon and Nikon cameras.

PhotoDirector 2011 now currently on beta version, and it will be sold for $99.95 once it’s released as an official final version. You have a chance to get PhotoDirector 2011 full version for free by simply following this method below:

1. Visit this PhotoDirector 2011 beta version page

2. Fill in your name and email address in the provided forms then click on “Submit” button.

Fill in your name and email address in the provided forms then click on "Submit" button

3. Login to your email and open an email from Cyberlink.

4. Download PhotoDirector 2011 beta from the download link given on your email.

Download PhotoDirector 2011 beta

5. Use and try it then SEND A FEEDBACK about your experience when using PhotoDirector 2011 beta (it could be a suggestion, your personal experience, etc) BEFORE June 20th, 2011.

6. Please be patient because your PhotoDirector 2011 full version license would be sent to you on 20th – 30th June 2011.

It’s cool, huh? :)

Now you could get PhotoDirector 2011 worth for $99.95 by only download, try, and send a feedback of PhotoDirector 2011 beta to cyberlink. It’s really easy to do. When you download this PhotoDirector 2011 beta, you will get 90 days trial version. Please note that you must be over 18 years old of age to provide feedback and get the full version license of PhotoDirector 2011 for completely free!

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