Get Disk Speedup License valued $29.95 for Free and Legal

Is your PC so slow in startup and shutdown? Do you experience system crash often? Software loading became so slow? Or even overall system performance is so bad? If that was what happened in your PC, probably Disk Speedup is able to solve your problems. Software which normally sold $29.95 is claimed as PC ‘disease’ curer specialist. In this article, SOT will show you how to get Disk Speedup license for free and surely legal. :D


As usual, before SOT give you the manual to get its license, SOT will explain first about features and benefits from this Disk Speedup software.

Disk Speedup is a computer optimization software which can be used to:

  • Optimizing system performance by hard disk optimization.
  • Accelerating startup process by losing fragments in hard drive.
  • Finding duplicate / twin files automatically and erase it safely. This feature is similar with free software feature SOT discussed previously, which is Anti-Twin Duplicate File Finder.
  • Fixing error in PC and make your PC safer and more stable.
  • Fixing error in hard disk to avoid data losing in the next day.
  • Do hard disk health checking.
  • Analyzing hard drive and view its report visually.

By those features, this Disk Speedup is sold by its developer (SysTweak) for $29.95 price per license. Now is the time for SOT to explain how to get this Disk Speedup software license for free and legal. Ready??

How to get Disk Speedup License for free and Legal

Actually SOT got this license from giveaway held here:

There you have to play jackpot until you got Disk Speedup license. Since SOT has played it and received its license, then you don’t have to play it again. Here is the detail of Disk Speedup license from the giveaway:

Software Name: Disk Speedup

Download Link:

Legal license (giveaway) : 02U44T-AHGH7G-3Y7Y0R-HV50QJ-YFFX80


Now your task is, downloading Disk Speedup installer from link above, then install and run it. Click on “Register Now” button on below left of Disk Speedup.


An activation popup will be displayed. Insert legal license above and click on Activate Now.


Disk Speedup will be activated directly. Click on OK and the software would be restart to finish its activation process.



Now your Disk Speedup has been registrated with free and legal license. Whoops… if this article is beneficial for you, don’t forget to Like, Tweet, or Plus One, Okay… Thank you very much! ^^

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