Get NovaBACKUP Professional License Valued $49.95 for Legal!

Awareness about the importance of computer backup made so many backup software provided, whether for free or paid. NovaBACKUP Professional is one of them. This paid backup software can be used to back up windows PC, laptop, even Workstation. Normally, this software is sold $49.95 per license. But in this article, SOT will explain how to get NovaBACKUP Professional license for free and legal.



NovaBACKUP Professional features are:

  • Backup documents, photos, email, music, movies, software, or backup all system fast and easy using Wizard.
  • Selecting Backup file, folder or overall files.
  • Backup special folder in Windows such as My Documents, Music and Photos, and also Outlook Email.
  • Backup the whole system, including software installed inside it.
  • There are offline or online option.
  • Fast backup process.

Overall, NovaBACKUP Professional is a Windows backup software which is easy to use, flexible, and automatic.

How to get NovaBACKUP Professional 12.5 license for free and legal (Giveaway)

1. Visit this page:

2. Fill in all data needed, then click on “Send Free Key”


3. Check email you’ve registered. There you’ll find an email contained license and download link from NovaBACKUP Professional.


4. Download NovaBACKUP Professional and activate it using legal license you’ve got.

SOT hasn’t found out when would be this chance still open. So, for you who want to get it, do the steps above to avoid missing the chance. Enjoy trying :)

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