Get O&O DriveLED 4 to Get Warn Before Your Hard Disk Crashes or Malfunction

Hard Disk is one of the most important hardware on your computer because it contain all of your important data. Once it crash or get malfunction, you potentially lose your important data. It’s important for you to backup your data before any problems occur on your hard disk. But how to know when our hard disk potentially get a problem such as crash or malfunction?? The answer is O&O DriveLED 4 software!

O&O DriveLED 4 is a software to give you a warn before your hard disk get a problem. It will working in background to check your hard disk and give you a warn when it found a potential crash or malfunction on your hard disk. That’s make you always has a time to backup or move your data before your hard disk crash or malfunction.

Get O&O DriveLED 4 to Get Warn Before Your Hard Disk Crashes or Malfunction

It use S.M.A.R.T (Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) integrated in hard disk to permanently monitor the status of your drives. O&O DriveLED 4 will analyze your hard disk status such as temperature, total number of hours in operation, read the error state, etc then determine and give you a warn if there is a potential problems happen on your hard drive.

Normally, O&O DriveLED 4 sold at $29.95 for each personal license. But using this method below you could get it as a giveaway:

1. Visit O&O DriveLED 4 giveaway page:


2. fill your valid email address on the provided form then click on big green “Kostenlose Lizenz anfordern” button.

fill your valid email address on the provided form

3. Login to your email and open an email from O&O Software. You’ll get O&O DriveLED 4 license detail.

O&O DriveLED 4 license detail

4. Download O&O DriveLED 4 from this link below:

Now you can enjoy O&O DriveLED 4 that normally sold for $29.95 with no cost!

After using O&O DriveLED 4, you will get warn before your hard disk potentially crash or get a malfunction. You will have a time to backup your computer using several backup software like Ocster Backup 6, EASEUS TOdo Backup Professional, Handy Backup Standard, Paragon Premium Backup, or Backup4all Lite. It’s also better if you backup your very important files on online storage services like Wuala or Windows Live Skydrive. I hope this information is helpful for you :)

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