Get Paragon Premium Backup Solution for Free (Limited Time Giveaway!)

Paragon Software Group, one of the most popular software developer which is a specialist in making software tools and utilities, maintenance software, and storage management now shared one of its software product to you. Although it still not clear which product would be free since when I wrote this article, its giveaway has not started yet. But from the short explanation in giveaway page stated that Paragon will give Premium Backup Solution for free, so it seemed that the software would be shared is Paragon System Backup which normally sold on $29.95 price.

Get Paragon Premium Backup Solution for Free

Paragon System Backup is one of the latest software from Paragon you can use to secure your data and system automatically by backing up your data automatically with arrangement you can decide as you wish.

This Software Paragon System Backup is equipped by paragon premium backup solution which has 2 abilities, they are:

1. Auto Backup instantly: you just have to install software, follow the existing recommendation, then automatically your computer would be backed up.
2. Customizable backup : you can make backup schedule and strategy as you wish. Schedule arrangement, backup volume choice, choice to backup or not to backup certain data, and other setting you can manage as you want to.

What benefit you can get from Paragon System Backup?

1. Difference with other backup software which usually backup only file, this Paragon System Backup back up PC at whole, started from bookmarks, password, driver, software, windows system, data etc. it made you able to return and recover your OS when there is crash or system damage on your computer.
2. Paragon System Backup automatically will analyze your hard drive and find the most proper location to store on-disk snapshot or backup image from your PC system. Area chosen by Paragon System Backup will be hidden, protected and guaranteed its security level.
3. backup process run in background and automatically without disturbing your work in front of the computer.
4. You just have to do setting and scheduling once. For the next moment, Paragon System Backup will run automatically.
5. You can arrange your own strategy and backup.
6. Fast and easy when restoring your computer in case there is failure or system crash.
7. it is equipped by bootable Paragon Recovery CD so it would be easy for you to restore although your computer couldn’t do booting to windows again.

For you who wanted this Paragon System Backup, you can do some things below.

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Visit this page:


3. Click on like button

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4. Visit again the page when the giveaway time has started, that is 19 April 2011, 9 a.m. EST time (19 April 2011 about 8 p.m Indonesian Time Zone).

stay tune until the giveaway opened

5. Next explanation related with the Giveaway would be given when the giveaway time has begun.

There is still no official explanation from Paragon whether the software shared in this Giveaway truly Paragon System Backup. But some detail indication showed that Paragon System Backuplah seemed to be shared for free in this Paragon Giveaway. Enjoy trying:)

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