Get Software Package to Create 3D Animation Valued $829.85 !!

This rare chance is so limited! In certain time limit, DAZ3D shared free their three software products: DAZ Studio Pro (valued $429.95), Bryce 7 Pro (valued $249.95), also Hexagon 2.5 (valued $149.95). Total software value shared is $829.85. For you who want to create 3 dimension model, 3 dimension animation, or 3 dimension picture easily, don’t miss this chance.

3D Animator Giveaway Event from DAZ3D

DAZ Studio Pro once was shared for free and legal here. After almost a year, the promo is ended, now DAZ3D shared for free their 3D animation software. Before I show you the legal way to get those three software products, I will give summary about features and benefits of each software:


1. DAZ Studio Pro

DAZ Studio ProDAZ Studio Pro is an application to create 3 Dimension animation which is rich of features. This software can be used to make 3D figure, manage 3 dimension model pose, create 3 dimension animation, also create high quality 3D illustration. If you want to create unique and charming 3 dimension animation design, DAZ Studio Pro is conformed to be used. DAZ Studio Pro gives various 3D content includes human, animal, plant, environment, etc. each 3D content is ready to be used and you can change it as the design you wanted. Normally, this software is sold $429.95.


2. Bryce 7 Pro

Bryce 7 ProNot far difference with DAZ Studio Pro, Bryce 7 Pro is also useful to create 3 dimension model and animation. The difference is, Bryce 7 Pro specifically designed to add environment in 3D model you created with DAZ Studio Pro. The example is, you made 3D model of fisherman in the beach, you can add a sky, cloud, rock, sea, boat, and other objects by this Bryce 7 Pro. Normally, this software is sold $249.95.



3. Hexagon 2.5

Hexagon 2After 3 dimensional model and animation are finished working by DAZ Studio Pro, supported objects can also be added by Bryce 7 Pro, now is the time for Hexagon works. Hexagon is the final tool in DAZ3D software series. This Software is used to add details in model and 3 dimension animation. Various final touch tools have been prepared such as: DAZ Studio Bridge, sculpted primitives, freehand modeling brushes, micro-displacement modeling tools, comprehensive UV-mapping modules, advanced 3D paint, and instant ambient occlusion. Normally, this software is sold $149.95.


By those three software, you can do various things below:

1. Creating 3 dimension character and avatar 3.
2. Creating 3 dimension illustration for book, comic, or novel.
3. Creating 3 dimension movie in your own version.
4. Creating 3 dimension design fast and easy.
5. Creating 3 dimension graphic elements.
6. Creating environment design with various 3 dimension objects.

Isn’t it cool?

Just follow the manual below to download the three 3D animator software products:

1. Register yourself in this page

3D Animator Giveaway Event from DAZ3D

2. Please login to your DAZ3D account. After login, visit this page.

3. You’ll find the three software with $0 price. Please “Add to Cart” the three software.

3D Animator Giveaway Event from DAZ3D

4. After the three products are in your cart, click on “Checkout”

3D Animator Giveaway Event from DAZ3D

5. Click on “Place Order”

3D Animator Giveaway Event from DAZ3D

6. Click on “Account Profile” then click on “Available Download”

3D Animator Giveaway Event from DAZ3D

7. DAZ Studio Pro, Bryce 7 Pro, Hexagon 2, also various supporting material are ready to be downloaded.

3D Animator Giveaway Event from DAZ3D

Now, you can start creating 3 dimension model and animation easy and fast using the three software above.

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PS: For you who are late to get this 3D animator software package for free and legal, you can use Blender 3D Animator freeware to create 3 dimension model and animation.


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