Get the Latest PhoneTrans Pro License Valued $29.99!

Normally, owner of iOS device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod shall use iTunes while transferring file from/to computer or between other iOS devices. But PhoneTrans Pro software makes you possible to transfer file, music, even video without passing iTunes. Not just that, PhoneTrans Pro even make file transfer process become more flexible by features it has.

PhoneTrans Pro main features:

  • Transferring files and music between iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via Wi-Fi
  • Transferring files and music iOS device from/to PC & iTunes Library
  • Arranging playlist without iTunes

Get the Latest PhoneTrans Pro License Valued $29.99!

Get the Latest PhoneTrans Pro License Valued $29.99!

The complete feature can be read in its main page here:

By the feature, you can transfer file and music in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch faster. Arranging playlist and media can also be easier, even it just need Wi-Fi!

Do you have interest to have PhoneTrans Pro?

Normally this software is sold $29.99, but, until undecided time, you can get its license for free and legal. Do you want to?

You just have to follow the manual I’ve made here:

1. Visit promo page of imobie here

2. there you will receive download link also license code of PhoneTrans Pro

Get the Latest PhoneTrans Pro License Valued $29.99!

3. Download and activate PhoneTrans Pro with license you’ve received

Now, you can be more flexible when transferring file from and to iOS devices. Download it as soon as possible before the chance is closed :)

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