Get WinX DVD Copy Pro to Copy and Clone DVD in Fast and Easy Way!

Few days ago I’ve gave you tips how to get full version software license from Digiarty each week. If you read it, you will found that Digiarty will share their software licenses for free each week and there are about 10 software to share through their facebook fans page. This week, Digiarty share DVD Copy Pro for free as a giveaway.

If you want to copy or clone DVD, backup your data to DVD, create ISO image from DVD disc, and even playing or ripping DVD, DVD Copy Pro is one of the software to make those process faster and easier. DVD Copy Pro also has an ability to copy and clone protected DVD.

Get WinX DVD Copy Pro to Copy and Clone DVD in Fast and Easy Way

These are the features list of DVD Copy Pro:

1. DVD Copy Pro has 1:1 copy ratio, no matter you clone DVD to DVD disc or create ISO image from DVD disc, DVD Copy Pro will keep your DVD has 1:1 ratio.

2. DVD Copy Pro built in with DVD burner and ISO mounter. ISO mounter is kind of DVD virtual drive so you could open any DVD ISO image on your computer.

3. DVD Copy Pro could clone and copy any protected DVD and it support with latest DVD protections.

4. It could copy and clone scratched, dirty, worn and minor cracked DVDs.

5. DVD Copy Pro use low computer resource with less than 1% CPU resource needed.

Normally DVD Copy Pro sold for $35.95 on each original license. Now using this method below you could get its original license for completely free as a weekly giveaway:

1. Visit Digiarty Facebook Fans Page below:


2. Click on “Like” button

Click on "Like" button

3. Click on “Download” button.

Click on "Download" button

4. extract and double click the installer.

5. Activate DVD Copy Pro using the license code in txt files.

Note: If you’re already fans of Digiarty on its facebook page, simply visit their facebook page and click on Download button.

DVD Copy Pro could be run in Windows computer only.  I ussually clone DVDs to keep my original DVDs clean and free of scratches.

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