Get Zoner Photo Studio Pro 14 License Valued $69.99

Photography recently has become a popular hobby. If you also had this photography hoby, today SOT has great information for you. Now you can get the latest Zoner Photo Studio Pro license for free and legal. Whereas normally this software is sold $69.99! It’s so bad if you miss this chance :D

Zoner Photo Studio Pro 14 is a photo editor and photo manager software with complete feature. By this Zoner Photo Studio Pro 14, you’ll be able to:

  • Copying photo from camera fast and automatic.
  • Downloading photo from internet or PDF file easily.
  • Managing photo easily using Easy Organizing feature. You can insert tag according to the keyword or Geo locations, so it would be easier for you to search it.
  • Searching photo from thousands of photo you had easily.
  • Editing photo using basic editing tool such as cropping, alignment, noise reduction, exposure enhancement, color shifting, etc.
  • Editing many photos at once.
  • Fixing photo’s quality digitally.
  • Add panorama, 3D, or HDR effect in seconds.
  • Sharing photo to Zonerama, Facebook, Flickr, etc.
  • Creating photo calendar, DVD presentation, etc.

Quite complete feature, isn’t it? No wonder if this Zoner Photo Studio Pro 14 is sold $69.99.

How to get Zoner Photo Studio Pro 14 for free and legal

Actually SOT got this license from giveaway held here:

There you should play jackpot until you receive Zoner Photo Studio Pro license. Since SOT has played it and got the license, so you don’t have to play it again. Here is the detail of Zoner Photo Studio Pro license from the giveaway:

Software Name: Zoner Photo Studio Pro

Download Link:

Legal license (giveaway) : XG4HP-8LVL3-Z8717-18NJ8-G20LW

Note: Activate before July 10th 2012


Your task now is, downloading Zoner Photo Studio Pro from download link above and inserting the legal license in installation process.


After installation process, your Zoner Photo Studio Pro will be activated and ready to be used.



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