GoldWave Sound Editor 5.58 Pro Available for Free! Sounds Good?

GoldWave 5.58, one of the most popular sound and audio editor software now available for free! Normally GoldWave 5.58 license sold for $19 a year, but GoldWave Inc cooperate with Eclack now given its license for free as a giveaway! This is a great news for you who need to edit digital audio files easily.

GoldWave 5.58 is easy to use audio editor software both for novice and expert. It could edit any digital audio files from simplest recording and editing to the most sophisticated audio processing, restoration, enhancements and conversions. For you who never use GoldWave 5.58 before, don’t’s really simple to learn and use.

GoldWave Sound Editor 5.58 Pro Available for Free! Sounds Good?

GoldWave 5.58 has several features such as:

1. GoldWave 5.58 support most of all audio formats.

2. GoldWave 5.58 can process unlimited number of files with batch processing.

3. You can record any source using your computer. It support microphone, line-in, speeches, and anything.

4. GoldWave 5.58 contain easy to use basic commands such as cut, copy, paste, trim, replace, overwrite Mix and Crossfade. You even could slice, dice and merge large audio files in seconds.

5. GoldWave 5.58 provide you with dozens of different audio effects.

6. Just like other audio editor software, you can adjust equalizer based on your own.

7. You could remaster old vinyl or tape recordings with noise reduction, pop/click and spectrum filter features.

8. You could copy audio directly from an audio CD with CD reader tool.

9. GoldWave 5.58 could analyze audio with frequency and amplitude visuals. So it can analyze human speech, bird song, whale song, engine noise and other interesting sound.

10. You could configure GoldWave 5.58 with the way you want. You could arrange windows, tool bars, effect bars, and controls the way you want.

11. It has text to speech and speech recognition feature to convert any text into speech and convert any speech into text.

Now you could get GoldWave 5.58 Pro for free as a giveaway (normally it will cost you $19 per year). Simply follow these steps below to get GoldWave 5.58 for free!

1. Download GoldWave 5.8 from this link below:


2. Install GoldWave 5.8 and activate using this license details below:

User ID: Q5U46GPYX
License: M5LACGASD

3. Your GoldWave 5.8 Pro will successfully activated and it license will expired on 11 june 2012.

The most feature I loved on GoldWave 5.8 is its speech converter feature. I used it to create audio version of many ebooks I have. You should to try this software. Trust’s awesome! Thanks Eclack for sharing this software :)

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