How I Get Backup4all Professional with 15 Minutes of Effort

I remember that I’ve two times posted about Backup4all Lite giveaway which worth $19.95 each license. You can read my previous Backup4all Lite giveaway information here and here. Now I’m going to show you how I get Backup4all Professional license worth for $49.95 with 15 minutes of creating video tutorial effort. Yep, I spend about 15 minutes to create a step by step video tutorial, upload it to Youtube and send its link, and got the Backup4all Professional license.

How I Get Backup4all Professional with 15 Minutes of Effort

If you want to get Backup4all Professional for free, simply follow these steps below:

1. Create a minimum 50 seconds in length video tutorial about FBackup.
2. Upload it to Youtube.
3. Share your link by posting a link to it in FBackup forum section below:

4. Request your license by reply this thread below:

5. Softland senior admin would send your Backup4all Professional license shortly.

Please Note: There’re only 50 license of Backup4all Professional given away by Softland, so you should be fast to get this $49.95 worth software.

This is my FBackup video and it also my first how-to video I ever create :D , I used Camtasia to create this video below:

There are a lot of screencast software you could use to create how-to video in fast and easy way. If you’re looking for free screencast software, you can use CamStudio.

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