How I get Norman Security Suite License for a Year

If you do online banking transaction often, purchasing online, or other online transaction, you’d better be careful since there are so many malware which might attack your computer. Even the malware is also able to take important information and data in your computer. But you can overcome the problem by using Norman Security Suite. By this Norman Security Suite, your computer would be safer. It because Norman Security Suite will always keep your computer when you use it to do banking, working, shopping, playing, and do other activities. Generally, Norman Security Suite is sold € 54.95 for 1 year license. However, I will share the way for you to get Norman Security Suite for free and legal.

How I get Norman Security Suite License for a Year

Follow this steps below to get 1 year Norman Security Suite license:

1. Open this link.

2. Fill in the forms with your valid data.

Fill in the forms with your valid data

PS: Fill the OEM form with this code below


3. After the forms filled in, click on submit button and then open your email. The Norman Security Suite license is in your email.

The Norman Security Suite license is in your email

4. Download Norman Security Suite for Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit.

5. Install and activate Norman Security Suite using your unique license code.

Norman Security Suite comes with these features below:

1. Fast scanning, efficient malware detection
2. Ease of use, simplified user interface
3. Reverse action from malicious software
4. Trusted Vendor Support
5. Simple licence management
6. Parental control
7. Antivirus & Antispyware
8. Smart firewall
9. Windows 8 ready

For you who don’t like Norman Security Suite, you can also download other antivirus such as Eset Smart Security 5 or Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 which some moments ago also shared in Spyontech.

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